For use with adhesives, silanes, etching gel, haemostatic solutions, cavity liners, disclosing tablets…

– Excellent quality fibre.
– Improved handle and neck resistance.
– Improved conditioning: hygienic and ergonomic.
– The handle can be broken in order to distinguish the different micro-applicators.
– Flexible for easy access to all possible application zones.
– Economical: the brushes’ high precision reduces the amount of solution to be used.

Class: I.

Manufacturer: CFPM.


Box of 400 micro-applicators

Sizes/Colors Ref.
Regular BLUE 200-999
Regular: 200 BLUE + 200 PINK 200-1000
Regular: 200 BLUE + 200 ORANGE 200-1001

Tube of 100 micro-applicators

Sizes/Colors Ref.
Fine Black 200-1002
SuperFine White 200-1003